Thanos return to Marvel might be happening soon!

Comics book plus Marvel fans have been waiting too to long to get a great superhero movie. The new phase has been disappointing in too many ways. Recently Josh Brolin talked about his upcoming movie Dune part 2 and some information about Thanos return to Marvel.

Thanos return to Marvel
Thanos return to Marvel

Brolin about Thanos return to Marvel

Next month, theaters will welcome Dune: Part Two, which will reunite several beloved stars from the original picture. Josh Brolin, who portrays Gurney Halleck in Denis Villeneuve’s epic, is one such actor. Nonetheless, Brolin is most recognized by fans for his portrayal of Thanos, the MCU’s most formidable villain to date. I bet he secretly prays that Thanos return to Marvel should be a good thing from his point of view.

Source- In a recent interview with ComicBook, Brolin discussed Dune, and the topic of Thanos’ numerous demises arose. There were several deaths of the villain in Avengers: Endgame, What If…?, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Alternate versions of the character also died multiple times. Brolin hints that he has heard stories regarding Thanos return to marvel when asked if he could make an appearance again.

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“You know, I hear kind of like through the grapevine, that they’re gonna bring him back,” said Brolin. Additionally, there is a distinct Thanos in the What If…? series. To be honest, I had no idea he was the most heavily killed-off Marvel villain; nevertheless, I am not privy to Marvel’s plans for his return. Every single day, you pick up fresh knowledge. That’s what Josh Brolin said in the interview.

Thanos return to Marvel
Dune Part Two stills

Know about Dune: Part Two

Dune: Part Two delves into the legendary quest of Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides, who, on a road of vengeance against the conspirators responsible for his family’s demise, joins forces with Zendaya’s Chani and the Fremen.

In an effort to avert a dreadful future that he alone can predict, he must decide between the love of his life and the destiny of the known world.

Dune: Part Two features the return of several actors, including Zendaya and Chalamet, as well as Josh Brolin, Lady Jessica, Stilgar, Stellan Skarsgård, and Dave Bautista.

Christopher Walker portrays Emperor Shaddam IV, Florence Pugh plays Princess Irulan, Léa Seydoux plays Lady Margot, and Austin Butler plays Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen.

What Brolin thinks about Dune

“Over the last many decades, we have heard over and time again how difficult it is to adapt this book. It seems like it’s still the same as the studio behind the scenes! During an interview in 2021, Villeneuve spoke with Total Film.”

“I believe I succeeded in proving that a beautiful, popular film can exist; everyone at Warner Bros. and Legendary is completely committed to the project. They are so enamored with Dune: Part Two that they believe only a catastrophic financial failure could prevent its sequel. They are eager for the film to continue because they are proud of it. And they proceeded to complete 50% of it. I am, therefore, pretty hopeful.”

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