What happened in Queen Bee Chapter 300?

One of the longest-running manhwa has finally hit the 300 mark. Queen Bee Chapter 300 has been released on Toptoon finally. Well, at least nothing bad happened in this chapter. However, things still don’t look that good. Pyo is still after Dalhu. While Dali might be heading to the bear farm alone. I can predict the things will go down in the upcoming chapters.

Queen Bee Chapter 300
Ami ai work from Queen Bee manhwa

Raw Scans and Summary for Queen Bee Chapter 300

The Raw Scans are posted on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter. The manhwa, Queen Bee Chapter 300 starts with Amy, fatty, and Dali traveling back home in the car. Amy was looking gorgeous in this chapter. Truly a beauty at its best.

Dali wants Amy to become her property manager. Also, Amy soon will be becoming a model for the Volcanic Life company. Clearly, it is shown that Amy was intimated by her.

Next in Queen Bee Chapter 300, we see Dali return to her room and talk on the phone with Pyo. She informed Pyo about what Dalhu was going to do with her old man before with the bears. Pyo at this time is still at Dalhu’s home. The old driver has confessed all things about Dalhu to her.

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Bear farm

We will get to see the reason why Dali fired the old driver. She has even compensated him well enough. He is getting old and he is taking care of the old man. now it’s time for him to rest. Also, he was plotting with Dalhu.

She is also a little curious about the place. She didn’t know they could raise a bear here. Pyo comes back home. And then we will have a small scene between Dali and Pyo.

The scenario switches to the next morning in Queen Bee Chapter 300. We see the old driver teaching fatty and giving him some tips about the car in winter. Pyo and Dali arrive, where Pyo left them. He isn’t going to the bear farm with them. Instead, he is heading for the Dalhu apartment once again. He is ready with his bat again for him.

Where You Can Read Queen Bee Chapter 300

The manhwa, Queen Bee Chapter 300 is available to read on Toptoon Korea for now. The official english chapter can be read on Day Comics. The fans translations are also available to read which will be released later.

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